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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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recommend a gooseberry one, for it was apt to grow up silly. There were some rosy, apple-cheeked ones, but they looked all cheek. Little gipsy-faced babies peeped with black eyes from out of the blackberry bushes; whilst in the fruit and nut trees close by were many pairs of hard-headed little twins, all Philips and Philippines.
" There's no time," observed the Gardeness, " to visit the Indian garden, or the Chinese, or the others; I should like to have shown you some quaint little baby girls called Peach Blossom in the Japanese garden. But after all, I suppose you prefer an English one ? They are generally chosen according to climate." And seeing Monica smile and nod, she hurried her off to the Counting House.
Monica had not been considering at all what she should choose, for she had lost her heart to that first little Rose baby.
Very soon they reached their destination—a long, low building. " Listen ! " said the Gardeness, draw­ing her to an open window. " They are actually quarrelling over it again!" There was a fearful hubbub going on inside, above which could be distinguished—
" If one times six is six—six times one must be one! So that fat infant weighs more than one and six!"
" Ah !" exclaimed her guide, " a stupid wrangle !
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