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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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own way whenever possible; and when it dis­approved, to express the same in the usual manner.
Immediately they got outside the Gardeness advised Monica, as her parents were well-to-do, to choose a set of twins, which were not welcome everywhere, and thus save them being planted on a poor family, for they had to be got off somehow, so were always sent (as if by mistake) where least expected. But Monica mentioned her choice, and begged very hard for it. So the Gardeness took the bandbox from her, bade her wait behind a tree, and with that little toss of the head went to gather the Rose baby which had been sent for in so un­heard-of a way. Monica waited there so long that she became very anxious.
At last the Gardeness returned, pale and out of breath, hurriedly warned her not to let in any cold air on to the child, which was packed all snug and comfortable in the bandbox, and, above all, to make all speed or she would meet some one she wouldn't like, showed her a short cut to the boundary, kissed her hand, and was gone.
Monica, trembling all over with excitement, hastened away with her precious burden, the dif­ference in weight being scarcely perceptible. She ran quickly towards the spot where she had left the airship, quickly placed her treasure and herself inside, and had just touched the "drop spring"
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