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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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when the Man in the Moon appeared, approaching slowly. His face was turned fully towards her, and looked quite different from what it had been before, calm and expressionless. But she did not trust it, and was thankful when she pushed off and felt the airship was moving away. Feeling safe at last, Monica smiled in triumph; with one hand she raise her bandbox on high, with the other she waved a farewell. Then the Man, as if in protest, lifted his arm so that his face once more was hidden in gloom.
And Monica felt herself dropping, dropping rapidly into the blackness of the icy cold night.
She was thinking: " My book says that no one on earth has ever seen the other side of the moon, so no one knows what on earth is on the other side of it. That's why Grandnurse couldn't answer my questions properly—and the Man wouldn't. Perhaps even he has never seen the Garden of Babies, as he was far too tall to enter that small cave. How lucky I found it all out for myself!" — when, with a great start she came to earth and confusedly recognised the lighted windows of her home. How she got the airship back into its shed and how she entered the nursery window she never quite remembered. Throwing back the heavy curtain from the window seat,
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