The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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He sang it until the other children heard and laughed, too; and the crosser Mary got, the more they sang " Mistress Mary, quite contrary "; and after that as long as she stayed with them they called her " Mistress Mary Quite Contrary" when they spoke of her to each other, and often when they spoke to her.
" You are going to be sent home," Basil said to her, " at the end of the week. And we're glad of it."
" I am glad of it, too," answered Mary. "Where is home?"
" She doesn't know where home is! " said Basil, with seven-year-old scorn. " It's England, of course. Our grandmama lives there and our sis­ter Mabel was sent to her last year. You are not going to your grandmama. You have none. You are going to your uncle. His name is Mr. Archibald Craven."
" I don't know anything about him," snapped Mary.
" I know you don't," Basil answered. " You don't know anything. Girls never do. I heard father and mother talking about him. He lives in a great, big, desolate old house in the country and no one goes near him. He's so cross he won't let them, and they wouldn't come if he would let them. He's a hunchback, and he's horrid."