The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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92             THE SECRET GARDEN
when it rains a bit, so as tha' wrap up warm."
Mary put on her coat and hat and took her skip­ping-rope over her arm. She opened the door to go out, and then suddenly thought of something and turned back rather slowly.
" Martha," she said, " they were your wages. It was your twopence really. Thank you." She said it stiffly because she was not used to thanking people or noticing that they did things for her. " Thank you," she said, and held out her hand because she did not know what else to do.
Martha gave her hand a clumsy little shake, as if she was not accustomed to this sort of thing either. Then she laughed.
"Eh! tha' art a queer, old-womanish thing," she said. " If tha'd been our 'Lizabeth Ellen tha'd have give me a kiss."
Mary looked stiffer than ever.
" Do you want me to kiss you? "
Martha laughed again.
" Nay, not me," she answered. " If tha' was different, p'raps tha'd want to thysel'. But tha' isn't. Run off outside an' play with thy rope."
Mistress Mary felt a little awkward as she went out of the room. Yorkshire people seemed strange, and Martha was always rather a puzzle to her. At first she had disliked her very much, but now she did not.