The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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would be, and what thousands of roses would grow on every side!
Her skipping-rope had hung over her arm when she came in and after she had walked about for a while she thought she would skip round the whole garden, stopping when she wanted to look at things. There seemed to have been grass paths here and there, and in one or two corners there were alcoves of evergreen with stone seats or tall moss-covered flower urns in them.
As she came near the second of these alcoves she stopped skipping. There had once been a flower­bed in it, and she thought she saw something stick­ing out of the black earth — some sharp little pale green points. She remembered what Ben Weath-erstaff had said and she knelt down to look at them.
" Yes, they are tiny growing things and they might be crocuses or snowdrops or daffodils," she whispered.
She bent very close to them and sniffed the fresh scent of the damp earth. She liked it very much.
" Perhaps there are some other ones coming up in other places," she said. " I will go all over the garden and look."
She did not skip, but walked. She went slowly and kept her eyes on the ground. She looked in the old border beds and among the grass, and after