The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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108            THE SECRET GARDEN
"My Dear Dickon:
This comes hoping to find you well as it leaves me at present. Miss Mary has plenty of money and will you go to Thwaite and buy her some flower seeds and a set of garden tools to make a flower-bed. Pick the prettiest ones and easy to grow because she has never done it before and lived in India which is differ­ent. Give my love to mother and every one of you. Miss Mary is going to tell me a lot more so that on my next day out you can hear about elephants and camels and gentlemen going hunting lions and tigers. " Your loving sister,
" Martha Phoebe Sowerby."
" We'll put the money in th' envelope an' I'll get th' butcher's boy to take it in his cart. He's a great friend o' Dickon's," said Martha.
" How shall I get the things when Dickon buys them?" asked Mary.
" He'll bring 'em to you himself. He'll like to walk over this way."
" Oh! " exclaimed Mary, " then I shall see him! I never thought I should see Dickon."
a Does tha' want to see him? " asked Martha suddenly, she had looked so pleased.
1 Yes, I do. I never saw a boy foxes and crows loved. I want to see him very much."
Martha gave a little start, as if she suddenly remembered something.