The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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was children — or robins. I've seen her bend over an' kiss 'em." He dragged out another weed and scowled at it. " That were as much as ten year' ago."
"Where is she now?" asked Mary, much in­terested.
" Heaven," he answered, and drove his spade deep into the soil, " 'cording to what parson says." 11 What happened to the roses? " Mary asked again, more interested than ever. " They was left to themselves." Mary was becoming quite excited. " Did they quite die? Do roses quite die when they are left to themselves? " she ventured,
" Well, I'd got to like 'em — an' I liked her — an' she liked 'em," Ben Weatherstaff admitted reluctantly. " Once or twice a year I'd go an' work at 'em a bit — prune 'em an' dig about th' roots. They run wild, but they was in rich soil, so some of 'em lived."
" When they have no leaves and look gray and brown and dry, how can you tell whether they are dead or alive? " inquired Mary.
" Wait till th' spring gets at 'em — wait till th' sun shines on th' rain an' th' rain falls on th' sun­shine an' then tha'll find out."
11 How — how? " cried Mary, forgetting to be careful.