The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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neater and smaller packages with a picture of a flower on each one.
" There's a lot o' mignonette an' poppies," he said. " Mignonette's th' sweetest smellin' thing as grows, an' it'll grow wherever you cast it, same as poppies will. Them as'll come up an' bloom if you just whistle to 'em, them's th' nicest of all."
He stopped and turned his head quickly, his poppy-cheeked face lighting up.
" Where's that robin as is callin' us? " he said.
The chirp came from a thick holly bush, bright with scarlet berries, and Mary thought she knew whose it was.
" Is it really calling us? " she asked.
" Aye," said Dickon, as if it was the most nat­ural thing in the world, " he's callin' some one he's friends with. That's same as sayin' ' Here I am. Look at me. I wants a bit of a chat.' There he is in the bush. Whose is he? "
" He's Ben Weatherstaff's, but I think he knows me a little," answered Mary.
" Aye, he knows thee," said Dickon in his low voice again. " An' he likes thee. He's took thee on. He'll tell me all about thee in a minute."
He moved quite close to the bush with the slow movement Mary had noticed before, and then he made a sound almost like the robin's own twitter. The robin listened a few seconds, intently, and