The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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" I like them round," said Mary. " And they are exactly the color of the sky over the moor."
Martha beamed with satisfaction.
" Mother says he made 'em that color with al­ways lookin' up at th' birds an' th' clouds. But he has got a big mouth, hasn't he, now? "
11 I love his big mouth," said Mary obstinately. " I wish mine were just like it."
Martha chuckled delightedly.
" It'd look rare an' funny in thy bit of a face," she said. " But I knowed it would be that way when tha' saw him. How did tha' like th' seeds an' th' garden tools? "
" How did you know he brought them? " asked Mary.
" Eh! I never thought of him not bringin' 'em. He'd be sure to bring 'em if they was in Yorkshire. He's such a trusty lad."
Mary was afraid that she might begin to ask difficult questions, but she did not. She was very much interested in the seeds and gardening tools, and there was only one moment when Mary was frightened. This was when she began to ask where the flowers were to be planted.
" Who did tha' ask about it? " she inquired.
" I haven't asked anybody yet," said Mary, hes­itating.