The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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i74           THE SECRET GARDEN
the time and he looked at me. We stared!" said Mary.
" I don't know what to do! " cried agitated Martha. " If Mrs. Medlpck finds out, she'll think I broke orders and told thee and I shall be packed back to mother."
" He is not going to tell Mrs. Medlock any­thing about it yet. It's to be a sort of secret just at first," said Mary firmly. " And he says every­body is obliged to do as he pleases."
"Aye, that's true enough — th' bad lad!" sighed Martha, wiping her forehead with her apron.
" He says Mrs. Medlock must. And he wants me to come and talk to him every day. And you are to tell me when he wants me."
" Me! " said Martha; " I shall lose my place — I shall for sure ! "
" You can't if you are doing what he wants you to do and everybody is ordered to obey him," Mary argued.
" Does tha' mean to say," cried Martha with wide open eyes, " that he was nice to thee! "
" I think he almost liked me," Mary answered.
" Then tha' must have bewitched him! " de­cided Martha, drawing a long breath.
"Do you mean Magic?" inquired Mary. " I've heard about Magic in India, but I can't