The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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A YOUNG RAJAH                 177
111 wonder," she said slowly, " if it would not do him good to go out into a garden and watch things growing. It did me good."
" One of th' worst fits he ever had," said Mar­tha, " was one time they took him out where the roses is by the fountain. He'd been readin' in a paper about people gettin' somethin' he called ' rose cold' an' he began to sneeze an' said he'd got it an' then a new gardener as didn't know th' rules passed by an' looked at him curious. He threw himself into a passion an' he said he'd looked at him because he was going to be a hunch­back. He cried himself into a fever an' was ill all night."
" If he ever gets angry at me, I'll never go and see him again," said Mary.
" He'll have thee if he wants thee," said Mar­tha. " Tha' may as well know that at th' start."
Very soon afterward a bell rang and she rolled up her knitting.
"I dare say th' nurse wants me to stay with him a bit," she said. " I hope he's in a good temper."
She was out of the room about ten minutes and then she came back with a puzzled expression.
" Well, tha' has bewitched him," she said. " He's up on his sofa with his picture-books. He's told the nurse to stay away until six o'clock.