The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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178           THE SECRET GARDEN
I'm to wait in the next room. Th' minute she was gone he called me to him an' says, ' I want Mary Lennox to come and talk to me, and re­member you're not to tell any one.' You'd better go as quick as you can."
Mary was quite willing to go quickly. She did not want to see Colin as much as she wanted to see Dickon, but she wanted to see him very much.
There was a bright fire on the hearth when she entered his room, and in the daylight she saw it was a very beautiful room indeed. There were rich colors in the rugs and hangings and pictures and books on the walls which made it look glowing and comfortable even in spite of the.gray sky and falling rain. Colin looked rather like a picture himself. He was wrapped in a velvet dressing-gown and sat against a big brocaded cushion. He had a red spot on each cheek.
" Come in," he said, " I've been thinking about you all morning."
" I've been thinking about you, too," answered Mary. " You don't know how frightened Mar­tha is. She says Mrs. Medlock will think she told me about you and then she will be sent away."
He frowned.
11 Go and tell her to come here," he said. " She is in the next room."
Mary went and brought her back. Poor Mar-