The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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A YOUNG RAJAH                  179
tha was shaking in her shoes. Colin was still frowning.
" Have you to do what I please or have you not?" he demanded.
" I have to do what you please, sir," Martha faltered, turning quite red.
11 Has Medlock to do what I please? "
" Everybody has, sir," said Martha.
" Well, then, if I order you to bring Miss Mary to me, how can Medlock send you away if she finds it out? "
" Please don't let her, sir," pleaded Martha.
" I'll send her away if she dares to say a word about such a thing," said Master Craven grandly. " She wouldn't like that, I can tell you."
" Thank you, sir," bobbing a curtsy, " I want to do my duty, sir."
" What I want is your duty," said Colin more grandly still. " I'll take care of you. Now go away."
When the door closed behind Martha, Colin found Mistress Mary gazing at him as if he had set her wondering.
" Why do you look at me like that? " he asked her. "What are you thinking about? "
"lam thinking about two things."
" What are they? Sit down and tell me."
" This is the first one," said Mary, seating her-