The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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180           THE SECRET GARDEN
self on the big stool. " Once in India I saw a boy who was a Rajah. He had rubies and emer­alds and diamonds stuck all over him. He spoke to his people just as you spoke to Martha. Every­body had to do everything he told them — in a minute. I think they would have been killed if they hadn't."
" I shall make you tell me about Rajahs pres­ently," he said, " but first tell me what the second thing was."
" I was thinking," said Mary, " how different you are from Dickon."
" Who is Dickon? " he said. " What a queer name! "
She might as well tell him, she thought. She could talk about Dickon without mentioning the secret garden. She had liked to hear Martha talk about him. Besides, she longed to talk about him. It would seem to bring him nearer.
" He is Martha's brother. He is twelve years old," she explained. " He is not like any one else in the world. He can charm foxes and squirrels and birds just as the natives in India charm snakes. He plays a very soft tune on a pipe and they come and listen."
There were some big books on a table at his side and he dragged one suddenly toward him.