The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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" There is a picture of a snake-charmer in this," he exclaimed. " Come and look at it."
The book was a beautiful one with superb colored illustrations and he turned to one of them.
11 Can he do that? " he asked eagerly.
11 He played on his pipe and they listened," Mary explained. " But he doesn't call it Magic. He says it's because he lives on the moor so much and he knows their ways. He says he feels some­times as if he was a bird or a rabbit himself, he likes them so. I think he asked the robin ques­tions. It seemed as if they talked to each other in soft chirps."
Colin lay back on his cushion and his eyes grew larger and larger and the spots on his cheeks burned.
" Tell me some more about him," he said.
" He knows all about eggs and nests," Mary went on. " And he knows where foxes and bad­gers and otters live. He keeps them secret so that other boys won't find their holes and frighten them. He knows about everything that grows or lives on the moor."
11 Does he like the moor? " said Colin. " How can he when it's such a great, bare, dreary place? "
" It's the most beautiful place," protested Mary. " Thousands of lovely things grow on it and there are thousands of little creatures all busy