The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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186           THE SECRET GARDEN
" Do you know there is one thing we have never once thought of," he said. " We are cousins."
It seemed so queer that they had talked so much and never remembered this simple thing that they laughed more than ever, because they had got into the humor to laugh at anything. And in the midst of the fun the door opened and in walked Dr. Craven and Mrs. Medlock.
Dr. Craven started in actual alarm and Mrs. Medlock almost fell back because he had acci­dentally bumped against her.
"Good Lord!" exclaimed poor Mrs. Med­lock, with her eyes almost starting out of her head. "Good Lord!"
" What is this? " said Dr. Craven, coming for­ward. " What does it mean? "
Then Mary was reminded of the boy Rajah again. Colin answered as if neither the doctor's alarm nor Mrs. Medlock's terror were of the slightest consequence. He was as little disturbed or frightened as if an elderly cat and dog had walked into the room.
" This is my cousin, Mary Lennox," he said. " I asked her to come and talk to me. I like her. She must come and talk to me whenever I send for her."
Dr. Craven turned reproachfully to Mrs. Med­lock.