The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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pat my cheeks and say ' Poor child! ' Once when a lady did that I screamed out loud and bit her hand. She was so frightened she ran away."
" She thought you had gone mad like a dog," said Mary, not at all admiringly.
" I don't care what she thought," said Colin frowning.
" I wonder why you didn't scream and bite me when I came into your room? " said Mary. Then she began to smile slowly.
" I thought you were a ghost or a dream," he said. " You can't bite a ghost or a dream, and if you scream they don't care."
"Would you hate it if — if a boy looked at you? " Mary asked uncertainly.
He lay back on his cushion and paused thought­fully.
" There's one boy," he said quite slowly, as if he were thinking over every word, " there's one boy I believe I shouldn't mind. It's that boy who knows where the foxes live — Dickon."
" I'm sure you wouldn't mind him," said Mary.
" The birds don't and other animals," he said, still thinking it over, " perhaps that's why I shouldn't. He's a sort of animal charmer and I am a boy animal."
Then he laughed and she laughed too; in fact it ended in their both laughing a great deal and