The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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212           THE SECRET GARDEN
always say that. Any one is selfish who doesn't do what they want. You're more selfish than I am, You're the most selfish boy I ever saw."
" I'm not! " snapped Colin. " I'm not as self­ish as your fine Dickon is! He keeps you playing in the dirt when he knows I am all by myself. He's selfish, if you like! "
Mary's eyes flashed fire.
11 He's nicer than any other boy that ever lived! " she said. " He's — he's like an angel! " It might sound rather silly to say that but she did not care.
" A nice angel! " Colin sneered ferociously. "He's a common cottage boy off the moor! "
" He's better than a common Rajah! " retorted Mary. " He's a thousand times better! "
Because she was the stronger of the two she was beginning to get the better of him. The truth was that he had never had a fight with any one like himself in his life and, upon the whole, it was rather good for him, though neither he nor Mary knew anything about that. He turned his head on his pillow and shut his eyes and a big tear was squeezed out and ran down his cheek. He was beginning to feel pathetic and sorry for him­self — not for any one else.
" I'm not as selfish as you, because I'm always ill, and I'm sure there is a lump coming on my