The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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back," he said. " And I am going to die be­sides."
" You're not I " contradicted Mary unsympa-thetically.
He opened his eyes quite wide with indignation. He had never heard such a thing said before. He was at once furious and slightly pleased, if a per­son could be both at the same time.
" I'm not? " he cried. " I ami You know I am! Everybody says so."
" I don't believe it! " said Mary sourly. " You just say that to make people sorry. I believe you're proud of it. I don't believe it! If you were a nice boy it might be true — but you're too nasty! "
In spite of his invalid back Colin sat up in bed in quite a healthy rage.
"Get out of the room!" he shouted and he caught hold of his pillow and threw it at her. He was not strong enough to throw it far and it only fell at her feet, but Mary's face looked as pinched as a nutcracker.
" I'm going," she said. " And I won't come back!"
She walked to the door and when she reached it she turned round and spoke again.
" I was going to tell you all sorts of nice things," she said. " Dickon brought his fox and his rook