The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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224           THE SECRET GARDEN
months and years. And now that an angry un­sympathetic little girl insisted obstinately that he was not as ill as he thought he was he actually felt as if she might be speaking the truth.
" I didn't know," ventured the nurse, " that he thought he had a lump on his spine. His back is weak because he wo^t try to sit up. I could have told him there was no lump there."
Colin gulped and turned his face a little to look at her.
" C-could you? " he said pathetically.
" Yes, sir."
"There! " said Mary, and she gulped too.
Colin turned on his face again and but for his long-drawn broken breaths, which were the dying down of his storm of sobbing, he lay still for a minute, though great tears streamed down his face and wet the pillow. Actually the tears meant that a curious great relief had come to him. Presently he turned and looked at the nurse again and strangely enough he was not like a Rajah at all as he spoke to her.
" Do you think — I could — live to grow up ? " he said.
The nurse was neither clever nor soft-hearted but she could repeat some of the London doctor's words.
' You probably will if you will do what you are