The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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226           THE SECRET GARDEN
" You must go back and get your sleep out," she said. " He'll drop off after a while — if he's not too upset. Then I'll lie down myself in the next room."
" Would you like me to sing you that song I learned from my Ayah?" Mary whispered to Colin.
His hand pulled hers gently and he turned his tired eyes on her appealingly.
" Oh, yes! " he answered. " It's such a soft song. I shall go to sleep in a minute."
" I will put him to sleep," Mary said to the yawning nurse. " .You can go if you like."
" Well," said the nurse, with an attempt at re­luctance. lt If he doesn't go to sleep in half an hour you must call me."
" Very well," answered Mary.
The nurse was out of the room in a minute and as soon as she was gone Colin pulled Mary's hand again.
" I almost told," he said; " but I stopped myself in time. I won't talk and I'll go to sleep, but you said you had a whole lot of nice things to tell me. Have you — do you think you have found out anything at all about the way into the secret gar­den?"
Mary looked at his poor little tired face and swollen eyes and her heart relented.