The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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23o           THE SECRET GARDEN
" I'll run and see Dickon first," said Mary. " No, I'll go and see Colin first and tell him — I know what I'll tell him," with a sudden inspi­ration.
She had her hat on when she appeared in Col-in's room and for a second he looked disappointed. He was in bed and his face was pitifully white and there were dark circles round his eyes.
" I'm glad you came," he said. " My head aches and I ache all over because I'm so tired. Are you going somewhere?"
Mary went and leaned against his bed.
" I won't be long," she said. " I'm going to Dickon, but I'll come back. Colin, it's — it's something about the secret garden."
His whole face brightened and a little color came into it.
" Oh! is it! " he cried out. " I dreamed about it all night. I heard you say something about gray changing into green, and I dreamed I was standing in a place all filled with trembling little green leaves — and there were birds on nests everywhere and they looked so soft and still. I'll lie and think about it until you come back."
In five minutes Mary was with Dickon in their garden. The fox and the crow were with him again and this time he had brought two tame squirrels.