The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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254           THE SECRET GARDEN
of the open window and cawed remarks about the scenery while Nut and Shell made excursions into the big trees outside and ran up and down trunks and explored branches. Captain curled up near Dickon, who sat on the hearth-rug from prefer­ence.
They looked at the pictures in the gardening books and Dickon knew all the flowers by their country names and knew exactly which ones were already growing in the secret garden.
" I couldna' say that there name," he said, pointing to one under which was written " Aqui-legia," " but us calls that a columbine, an' that there one it's a snapdragon and they both grow wild in hedges, but these is garden ones an' they're bigger an' grander. There's some big clumps o' columbine in th' garden. They'll look like a bed o' blue an' white butterflies flutterin' when they're out."
" I'm going to see them," cried Colin. " I am going to see them! "
" Aye, that tha' mun," said Mary quite seri­ously. " An tha' munnot lose no time about it."