The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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26o           THE SECRET GARDEN
" Mary," said Colin, turning to her, " what is that thing you say in India when you have finished talking and want people to go? "
" You say, ' You have my permission to go,' " answered Mary.
The Rajah waved his hand.
" You have my permission to go, Roach," he said. " But, remember, this is very important."
"CawóCaw!" remarked the crow hoarsely but not impolitely.
" Very good, sir. Thank you, sir," said Mr. Roach, and Mrs. Medlock took him out of the room.
Outside in the corridor, being a rather good-natured man, he smiled until he almost laughed.
" My word! " he said, " he's got a fine lordly way with him, hasn't he? You'd think he was a whole Royal Family rolled into one ó Prince Consort and all."
"Eh! " protested Mrs. Medlock, "we've had to let him trample all over every one of us ever since he had feet and he thinks that's what folks was born for."
" Perhaps he'll grow out of it, if he lives," suggested Mr. Roach.
" Well, there's one thing pretty sure," said Mrs. Medlock. " If he does live and that Indian child stays here I'll warrant she teaches him that the