The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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" Is it? " cried Colin, and his eyes began to search the ivy with eager curiousness. " But I can see nothing," he whispered. " There is no door."
" That's what I thought," said Mary.
Then there was a lovely breathless silence and the chair wheeled on.
" That is the garden where Ben Weatherstaff works," said Mary.
"Is it?" said Colin.
A few yards more and Mary whispered again.
" This is where the robin flew over the wall," she said.
" Is it ? " cried Colin. " Oh! I wish he'd come again! "
" And that," said Mary with solemn delight, pointing under a big lilac bush, " is where he perched on the little heap of earth and showed me the key."
Then Colin sat up.
"Where? Where? There?" he cried, and his eyes were as big as the wolf's in Red Riding-Hood, when Red Riding-Hood felt called upon to remark on them. Dickon stood still and the wheeled chair stopped.
" And this," said Mary, stepping on to the bed close to the ivy, " is where I went to talk to him when he chirped at me from the top of the wall.