The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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2y6           THE SECRET GARDEN
" I'm going to get nothing else," he answered. " I've seen the spring now and I'm going to see the summer. I'm going to see everything grow here. I'm going to grow here myself." ' " That tha' will," said Dickon. " Us'll have thee walkin' about here an' diggin' same as other folk afore long."
,Colin flushed tremendously.
" Walk! " he said. " Dig! Shall I ? "
Dickon's glance at him was delicately cautious. Neither he nor Mary had ever asked if anything was the matter with his legs.
" For sure tha' will," he said stoutly. " Tha' tha's got legs o' thine own, same as other folks!"
Mary was rather frightened until she heard Colin's answer.
" Nothing really ails them," he said, " but they are so thin and weak. They shake so that I'm afraid to try to stand on them."
Both Mary and Dickon drew a relieved breath.
" When tha' stops bein' afraid tha'lt stand on 'em," Dickon said with renewed cheer. " An' tha'lt stop bein' afraid in a bit."
" I shall? " said Colin, and he lay still as if he were wondering about things.
They were really very quiet for a little while. The sun was dropping lower. It was that hour