The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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BEN WEATHERSTAFF            281
It was too much. The strength which Colin usually threw into his tantrums rushed through him now in a new way. Never yet had he been accused of crooked legs — even in whispers — and the perfectly simple belief in their existence which was revealed by Ben Weatherstaff's voice was more than Rajah flesh and blood could endure. His anger and insulted pride made him forget everything but this one moment and filled him with a power he had never known before, an almost un­natural strength.
" Come here! " he shouted to Dickon, and he actually began to tear the coverings off his lower limbs and disentangle himself. " Come here! Come here! This minute! "
Dickon was by his side in a second. Mary caught her breath in a short gasp and felt herself turn pale.
11 He can do it! He can do it! He can do it! He can! " she gabbled over to herself under her breath as fast as ever she could.
There was a brief fierce scramble, the rugs were tossed on to the ground, Dickon held Colin's arm, the thin legs were out, the thin feet were on the grass. Colin was standing upright — upright 1— as straight as an arrow and looking strangely tall — his head thrown back and his strange eyes flashing lightning.