The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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29o           THE SECRET GARDEN
same as other folk an' tha' said tha'd have me diggin'. I thowt tha' was just leein' to please me. This is only th' first day an' I've walked an' here I am diggin'."
Ben Weatherstaff's mouth fell open again when he heard him, but he ended by chuckling.
" Eh! " he said, " that sounds as if tha'd got wits enow. Tha'rt a .Yorkshire lad for sure. An' tha'rt diggin', too. How'd tha' like to plant a bit o' somethin' ? I can get thee a rose in a pot."
" Go and get it! " said Colin, digging excitedly. "Quick! Quick!"
It was done quickly enough indeed. Ben Weatherstaff went his way forgetting rheumatics. Dickon took his spade and dug the hole deeper and wider than a new digger with thin white hands could make it. Mary slipped out to run and bring back a watering-can. When Dickon had deepened the hole Colin went on turning the soft earth over and over. He looked up at the sky, flushed and glowing with the strangely new exercise, slight as it was.
" I want to do it before the sun goes quite ■■ quite down," he said.
Mary thought that perhaps the sun held back a few minutes just on purpose. Ben Weatherstaff brought the rose in its pot from the greenhouse. He hobbled over the grass as fast as he could. He