The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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MAGIC                           303
Shell were on his shoulders and he held a long-eared white rabbit in his arm and stroked and stroked it softly while it laid its ears along its back and enjoyed itself.
" Do you think the experiment will work? " Colin asked him, wondering what he was thinking. He so often wondered what Dickon was thinking when he saw him looking at him or at one of his " creatures " with his happy wide smile.
He smiled now and his smile was wider than usual.
" Aye," he answered, " that I do. It'll work same as th' seeds do when th' sun shines on 'em. It'll work for sure. Shall us begin it now? "
Colin was delighted and so was Mary. Fired by recollections of fakirs and devotees in illustra­tions Colin suggested that they should all sit cross-legged under the tree which made a3 canopy.
" It will be like sitting in a sort of temple," said Colin. " I'm rather tired and I want to sit down."
" Eh! " said Dickon, " tha' musn't begin by sayin' tha'rt tired. Tha' might spoil th' Magic."
Colin turned and looked at him — into his in­nocent round eyes.
" That's true," he said slowly. " I must only think of the Magic."