The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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3o6           THE SECRET GARDEN
lamb's back". Soot had pushed away a squirrel and huddled close to him on his shoulder, the gray film dropped over his eyes. At last Colin stopped.
" Now I am going to walk round the garden," he announced.
Ben Weatherstaff's head had just dropped for­ward and he lifted it with a jerk.
"You have been asleep," said Colin.
" Nowt o' th' sort," mumbled Ben. " Th' ser­mon was good enow — but I'm bound to get out afore th' collection."
He was not quite awake yet.
" You're not in church," said Colin.
" Not me," said Ben, straightening himself. " Who said I were? I heard every bit of it. You said th' Magic was in my back. .Th' doctor calls it rheumatics."
The Rajah waved his hand.
" That was the wrong Magic," he said. " You will get better. You have my permission to go to your work. But come back to-morrow."
" I'd like to see thee walk round the garden," grunted Ben.
It was not an unfriendly grunt, but it was a grunt. In fact, being a stubborn old party and not having entire faith in Magic he had made up his mind that if he were sent away he would climb