The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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"LET THEM LAUGH"             313
" They don't know what to make of it," an­swered Dickon. " Every day as comes round his face looks different. It's fillin' out and doesn't look so sharp an' th' waxy color is goin'. But he has to do his bit o' complainin'," with a highly enter­tained grin.
"What for, i' Mercy's name?" asked Mrs. Sowerby.
Dickon chuckled.
" He does it to keep them from guessin' what's happened. If the doctor knew he'd found out he could stand on his feet he'd likely write and tell Mester Craven. Mester Colin's savin' th* secret to tell himself. He's goin' to practise his Magic on his legs every day till his father comes back an' then he's goin' to march into his room an* show him he's as straight as other lads. But him an' Miss Mary thinks it's best plan to do a bit 0' groanin' an' frettin' now an' then to throw folk off th' scent."
Mrs. Sowerby was laughing a low comfortable laugh long before he had finished his last sen­tence.
"Eh!" she said, "that pair's enjoyin' their-selves, I'll warrant. They'll get a good bit o' play actin' out of it an' there's nothin' children likes as much as play actin'. Let's hear what they do, Dickon lad."