The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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"LET THEM LAUGH"            317
When Dr. Craven came that morning he seemed puzzled, also. He asked a number of questions, to Colin's great annoyance.
" You stay out in the garden a great deal," he suggested. " Where do you go? "
Colin put on his favorite air of dignified in­difference to opinion.
" I will not let any one know where I go," he answered. " I go to a place I like. Every one has orders to keep out of the way. I won't be watched and stared at. You know that! "
" You seem to be out all day but I do not think it has done you harm — I do not think so. The nurse says that you eat much more than you have ever done before."
" Perhaps," said Colin, prompted by a sudden inspiration, " perhaps it is an unnatural appetite."
" I do not think so, as your food seems to agree with you," said Dr. Craven. " You are gaining flesh rapidly and your color is better."
" Perhaps — perhaps I am bloated and fever­ish," said Colin, assuming a discouraging air of gloom. " People who are not going to live are often — different."
Dr. Craven shook his head. He was holding Colin's wrist and he pushed up his sleeve and felt his arm.
" You are not feverish," he said thoughtfully,