The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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322           THE SECRET GARDEN
eat as many as you liked without feeling as if you were taking food out of the mouths of fourteen people.
Every beautiful morning the Magic was worked by the mystic circle under the plum-tree which pro­vided a canopy of thickening green leaves after its brief blossom-time was ended. After the cere­mony Colin always took his walking exercise and throughout the day he exercised his newly found power at intervals. Each day he grew stronger and could walk more steadily and cover more ground. And each day his belief in the Magic grew stronger — as well it might. He tried one experiment after another as he felt himself gaining strength and it was Dickon who showed him the best things of all.
" .Yesterday," he said one morning after an ab­sence, " I went to Thwaite for mother an' near th' Blue Cow Inn I seed Bob Haworth. He's the strongest chap on th' moor. He's the champion wrestler an' he can jump higher than any other chap an' throw th' hammer farther. He's gone all th' way to Scotland for th' sports some years. He's knowed me ever since I was a little 'un an' he's a friendly sort an' I axed him some questions. Th' gentry calls him a athlete and I thought o' thee, Mester Colin, and I says, c How did tha' make tha' muscles stick out that way, Bob? Did