The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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THE CURTAIN                     333
know that when I waken in the morning, Mary, when it's quite early and the birds are just shouting outside and everything seems just shouting for joy — even the trees and things we can't really hear — I feel as if I must jump out of bed and shout my­self. And if I did it, just think what would hap­pen!"
Mary giggled inordinately.
" The nurse would come running and Mrs. Medlock would come running and they would be sure you had gone crazy and they'd send for the doctor," she said.
Colin giggled himself. He could see how they would all look — how horrified by his outbreak and how amazed to see him standing upright.
" I wish my father would come home," he said. " I want to tell him myself. I'm always think­ing about it — but we couldn't go on like this much longer. I can't stand lying still and pre­tending, and besides I look too different. I wish it wasn't raining to-day."
It was then Mistress Mary had her inspiration.
" Colin," she began mysteriously, " do you know how many rooms there are in this house? "
"About a thousand, I suppose," he answered.
" There's about a hundred no one ever goes into," said Mary. " And one rainy day I went and looked into ever so many of them. No one