The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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THE CURTAIN                   337
place in time, for fear of doing my muscles an injury."
That afternoon Mary noticed that something new had happened in Colin's room. She had no­ticed it the day before but had said nothing because she thought the change might have been made by chance. She said nothing to-day but she sat and looked fixedly at the picture over the mantel. She could look at it because the curtain had been drawn aside. That was the change she noticed.
" I know what you want me to tell you," said Colin, after she had stared a few minutes. " I always know when you want me to tell you some­thing. You are wondering why the curtain is drawn back. I am going to keep it like that."
"Why? "asked Mary.
" Because it doesn't make me angry any more to see her laughing. I wakened when it was bright moonlight two nights ago and felt as if the Magic was filling the room and making every­thing so splendid that I couldn't lie still. I got up and looked out of the window. The room was quite light and there was a patch of moonlight on the curtain and somehow that made me go and pull the cord. She looked right down at me as if she were laughing because she was glad I was standing there. It made me like to look at her. I want to see her laughing like that all the time. I