The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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342          THE SECRET GARDEN
" Aye, that we do," he answered.
Mary looked hard too, but she said nothing.
" Just this minute," said Colin, " all at once I remembered it myself — when I looked at my hand digging with the trowel — and I had to stand up on my feet to see if it was real. And it is real! I'm well — I'm well!"
" Aye, that tha' art! " said Dickon.
" I'm well! I'm well! " said Colin again, and his face went quite red all over.
He had known it before in a way, he had hoped it and felt it and thought about it, but just at that minute something had rushed all through him — a sort of rapturous belief and realization and it had been so strong that he could not help calling out.
" I shall live forever and ever and ever! " he cried grandly. " I shall find out thousands and thousands of things. I shall find out about people and creatures and everything that grows — like Dickon — and I shall never stop making Magic. I'm well! I'm well! I feel — I feel as if I want to shout out something — something thankful, joy­ful! "
Ben Weatherstaff, who had been working near a rose-bush, glanced round at him.
11 Tha' might sing th' Doxology," he suggested in his dryest grunt. He had no opinion of the