The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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"IT'S MOTHER!"                345
Dickon's swelled quite loud and beautiful — and at the second line Ben Weatherstaff raspingly cleared his throat and at the third he joined in with such vigor that it seemed almost savage and when the " Amen " came to an end Mary observed that the very same thing had happened to him which had happened when he found out that Colin was not a cripple — his chin was twitching and he was staring and winking and his leathery old cheeks were wet.
" I never seed no sense in th' Doxology afore," he said hoarsely, " but I may change my mind i* time. I should say tha'd gone up five pound this week, Mester Colin — five on 'em! "
Colin was looking across the garden at some­thing attracting his attention and his expression had become a startled one.
"Who is coming in here?" he said quickly. "Who is it?"
The door in the ivied wall had been pushed gently open and a woman had entered. She had come in with the last line of their song and she had stood still listening and looking at them. With the ivy behind her, the sunlight drifting through the trees and dappling her long blue cloak, and her nice fresh face smiling across the greenery she was rather like a softly colored illustration in one of Colin's books. She had wonderful affec-