The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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346           THE SECRET GARDEN
tionate eyes which seemed to take everything in — all of them, even Ben Weatherstaff and the " crea­tures " and every flower that was in bloom. Un­expectedly as she had appeared, not one of them felt that she was an intruder at all. Dickon's eyes lighted like lamps.
"It's Mother — that's who it is!" he cried and he went across the grass at a run.
Colin began to move toward her, too, and Mary went with him. They both felt their pulses beat faster.
" It's Mother! " Dickon said again when they met half-way. " I knowed tha' wanted to see her an' I told her where th' door was hid."
Colin held out his hand with a sort of flushed royal shyness but his eyes quite devoured her face.
" Even when I was ill I wanted to see you," he said, " you and Dickon and the secret garden. I'd never wanted to see any one or anything be­fore."
The sight of his uplifted face brought about a sudden change in her own. She flushed and the corners of her mouth shook and a mist seemed to sweep over her eyes.
"Eh! dear lad!" she broke out tremulously. " Eh! dear lad! " as if she had not known she were going to say it. She did not say, " Mester