The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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350           THE SECRET GARDEN
Good Thing doesn't stop to worrit, bless thee. It goes on makin' worlds by th' million — worlds like us. Never thee stop believin' in th' Big Good Thing an' knowin' th' world's full of it — an* call it what tha' likes. Tha' wert singin' to it when I come into th' garden."
" I felt so joyful," said Colin, opening his beau­tiful strange eyes at her. " Suddenly I felt how different I was — how strong my arms and legs were, you know — and how I could dig and stand — and I jumped up and wanted to shout out some­thing to anything that would listen."
" Th' Magic listened when tha' sung th' Dox-ology. It would ha' listened to anything tha'd sung. It was th' joy that mattered. Eh! lad, lad — what's names to th' Joy Maker," and she gave his shoulders a quick soft pat again.
She had packed a basket which held a regular feast this morning, and when the hungry hour came and Dickon brought it out from its hiding place, she sat down with them under their tree and watched them devour their food, laughing and quite gloating over their appetites. She was full of fun and made them laugh at all sorts of odd things. She told them stories in broad Yorkshire and taught them new words. She laughed as if she could not help it when they told her of the in-