The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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creasing difficulty there was in pretending that Colin was still a fretful invalid.
" You see we cant help laughing nearly all the time when we are together," explained Colin. " And it doesn't sound ill at all. We try to choke it back but it will burst out and that sounds worse than ever."
" There's one thing that comes into my mind so often," said Mary, M and I can scarcely ever hold in when I think of it suddenly. I keep thinking suppose Colin's face should get to look like a full moon. It isn't like one yet but he gets a tiny bit fatter every day and suppose some morning it should look like one what should we do I "
" Bless us all, I can see tha' has a good bit o' play actin' to do," said Susan Sowerby. " But tha' won't have to keep it up much longer. Mester Craven'll come home."
"Do you think he will?" asked Colin. "Why?"
Susan Sowerby chuckled softly.
" I suppose it 'ud nigh break thy heart if he found out before tha' told him in tha' own way," she said. " Tha's laid awake nights plannin' it."
" I couldn't bear any one else to tell him," said Colin. " I think about different ways every day. I think now I just want to run into his room."