The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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362           THE SECRET GARDEN
changed. He was remembering the dream—j the real — real dream.
" In the garden! " he said, wondering at him­self. "In the garden! But the door is locked and the key is buried deep."
When he glanced at the letters a few minutes later he saw that the one lying at the top of the rest was an English letter and came from Yorkshire. It was directed in a plain woman's hand but it was not a hand he knew. He opened it, scarcely thinking of the writer, but the first words attracted his attention at once.
" Dear Sir:
" I am Susan Sowerby that made bold to speak to you once on the moor. It was about Miss Mary I spoke. I will make bold to speak again. Please, sir, I would come home if I was you. I think you would be glad to come and — if you will excuse me, sir — I think your lady would ask you to come if she was here. " Your obedient servant,
" Susan Sowerby."
Mr. Craven read the letter twice before he put it back in its envelope. He kept thinking about the dream.
" I will go back to Misselthwaite," he said. ",Yes, I'll go at once."
And he went through the garden to the villa