The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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IN THE GARDEN                367
" Well, sir," Mrs. Medlock answered, " he's 1 he's different, in a manner of speaking."
"Worse?" he suggested.
Mrs. Medlock really was flushed.
44 Well, you see, sir," she tried to explain, " neither Dr. Craven, nor the nurse, nor me can exactly make him out."
44 Why is that?"
" To tell the truth, sir, Master Colin might be better and he might be changing for the worse. His appetite, sir, is past understanding and his ways "
44 Has he become more more peculiar?" her master asked, knitting his brows anxiously.
44 That's it, sir. He's growing very peculiar « when you compare him with what he used to be. He used to eat nothing and then suddenly he began to eat something enormous and then he stopped again all at once and the meals were sent back just as they used to be. You never knew, sir, perhaps, that out of doors he never would let himself be taken. The things we've gone through to get him to go out in his chair would leave a body trembling like a leaf. He'd throw himself into such a state that Dr. Craven said he couldn't be responsible for forcing him. Well, sir, just without warning not long after one of his worst tantrums he suddenly insisted on