A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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jumped into the water with such a splash that the creature let go his hold; but I caught him and carried him off, followed by Jack, who, having observed how I held the lobster by the back, laid his own hand upon it in the same way; but scarcely had he grasped it than he received a violent blow on the face from the lobster's tail, which made him drop the animal on the ground. In his rage he snatched up a stone, and killed it with a single blow. Then, fearless of a dead enemy, he carried it off triumphantly, crying:
' Mother, mother, a sea lobster ! Ernest, a sea lobster ! Where is Fritz ? Take care, Francis; he will bite you.'
In a moment all were round him, examining the wonderful creature, and exclaiming at his enormous size.
'Yes, yes,' said Jack, holding up one of the claws; ' you may well wonder at his size. This was the frightful claw which seized my leg, but I have taught him what it is to attack me ; I have paid him well.
' Oh, oh, Mr. Boaster!' cried I, 'you give a pretty account of the matter. Now mine would be that, if I had not been near, the lobster would have shown you another sort of game. Believe me
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