A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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they clapped their hands and jumped round me like little kids.
' It is impossible for all of you to go,' I said. ' You three must stay at home to-day and take care of your mother ; you shall keep Flora to guard you, while we will take Turk with us. Make haste, Fritz, and see that the guns are ready.'
Jack, who was of a generous spirit, cried out that we should take the whole lobster with us, at which Ernest protested.
' I cannot think why you should give it all to them,' he said. 'You need not be uneasy about their journey. Like Robinson Crusoe, they will be sure to find some cocoa-nuts, which they will like much better than your miserable lobster; only think, a fine round nut, Jack, as big as my head, and with at least a teacupful of milk in it!'
' Bring me one, father, will you ?' cried little Francis.
We now prepared to set out. We took each a bag for game, and a hatchet. I put a pair of pistols in the leather band round Fritz's waist and took two myself, and we did not forget some biscuit and a flask of fresh river water. At break­fast, when we all attacked the lobster we found it
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