A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY                    27
we were actually walking in a grove of sugar-canes. I did not tell Fritz, for I wanted him to find out for himself; so I simply called out to him to cut a stick for himself as I had done. This he did, and as he swung it in all directions, soon felt the sticky juice upon his hands. And hardly a second after the truth dawned upon him, and he cried out joy­fully :
' Father, father! I have found some sugar ! I have a sugar-cane in my hand !'
He kept sucking the juice of the single cane he had cut with great joy, and, when he was satisfied, expressed his intention of cutting a great bundle of canes to carry home to the others.
' I have no objection,' I said; ' but do not take too heavy a load.'
Counsel was given in vain. He persisted in cutting at least a dozen of the largest canes, tore off their leaves, tied them together, and, putting them under his arm, dragged them, as well as he was able, to the end of the plantation. After this we returned by a circuit to the first wood, where we had found the cocoa-nuts, and here we settled down to rest a little while. We had scarcely seated, however, wher a number of large monkeys, terrified by the sight of us and the barking of Turk, stole nimbly up the
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