A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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quietly, and seemed perfectly comfortable. Turk also made some objections, but, partly by scolding and partly by caresses, we succeeded in quieting him, and he consented to carry the little burden. Fritz put another piece of string round Turk's neck, by which he might lead him. All this caused delay, for I must confess we had not hurried much, and I knew that they would be eagerly expecting our return at home. I smiled at the idea that we should look like a couple of travelling showmen, a notion that amused Fritz when I told it to him.
' Jack is fond of making faces,' said he ; 'he can learn a few more from my wee monkey.'
We had not time for much more anticipation before we found ourselves on the bank of the river not far from home. Flora from the other side announced our approach by a violent barking, and Turk replied so heartily that the little monkey in its fright jumped the length of its string on to Fritz's shoulder. Turk, being released, ran off to greet his companion, and shortly after all the family appeared in sight, showing their joy at our safe return. They made their way along the river on one side and we on the other, till we had reached the place we crossed in the morning.
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