A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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he fixed him in the sand, right opposite the tent door, as if he were taking a walk.
Jack was the first of the others to appear, with the young monkey on his shoulder; but when the little creature saw the jackal, he sprang away in terror, and hid himself in the corner of the tent, pulling the dry grass over him, so as to hide himself completely.
The younger boys gave vent to a chorus of exclamations at the sight.
'It is a wolf!' cried Francis, rather frightened.
' No, no,' said Jack, going near the jackal, and taking one of his paws ; ' it is a yellow dog, and he is dead.'
' It is neither a dog nor a wolf,' interrupted Ernest in a conceited tone. ' Do you not see that it is the golden fox ?'
Fritz burst out laughing.
' With all your reading,' Mr. Professor,' he said, ' you can't tell a jackal when you see one.'
' No one is wrong,' I interposed, to prevent a quarrel, ' for a jackal is really very nearly akin to a dog and a wolf as well as a fox.'
This settled the little dispute, and we all turned eagerly to discuss the more important question of breakfast. Alas ! there was nothing but dry
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