A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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enough to allow us to scoop out the butter, and I set about making a little wooden shovel to use for the purpose. All this was very successful. I used my wooden shovel as a scoop, and drew out enough butter to fill half a cocoa-nut shell. Then we toasted our biscuit, and while it was hot spread the butter on it, and made a hearty break­fast.
' One of the things we must not forget to look for in the ship,' said Fritz, ' is a spiked collar for our dogs, to protect them if they fight with wild beasts.'
' Oh,' said Jack, ' I can make spiked collars if mother will help me.'
She agreed readily; but Jack would not tell us his plan just then, saying it was a secret.
Then I told Fritz that he was to come with me to the ship, and he ran down to get the boat ready. While he was doing so I looked about for a pole, and tied a piece of white linen to the end of it; then I drove it into the ground, in a place where we could see it from the ship, and I told my wife that, in case of any accident, she must take down the pole and fire a gun three times as a signal of dis­tress. But I told her at the same time it was very likely we should stay away all night if we were not
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