A close family who has found themselves stranded on an
island after a shipwreck - By J. D. Wyss

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for us to row to such a distance without the aid of a sail; especially as the weight of so many animals sank the boat very low in the water. We laughed heartily, however, at the queer spectacle we must present dragging after us such an odd team ; and in high spirits we made an excellent dinner. After­wards Fritz amused himself with the monkey, while I was occupied in thinking of those I had left on land, whom I now tried to see through my telescope. While I was thus engaged a sudden ex­clamation from Fritz filled me with alarm.
' Oh, heavens!' he cried, ' we are lost! a huge fish is coming up to the boat. It must be a shark!'
' And why lost ?' said I, half angry. ' Be ready with your gun, and the moment he is close upon us we will fire.'
He had nearly reached the boat, and with the rapidity of lightning had seized the foremost sheep. At this instant we both fired, so that the shots hit the head of the monster simultaneously. The shark half turned round in the water, and hurried off to sea, leaving the water red, which convinced us he had been severely wounded.
As soon as this adventure was over, I resumed the rudder, and as the wind drove us straight
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